Why Personality Assessments are Beneficial to Students

Focus 2, the personality assessment offered by the Career Center, gives students a way to help choose their majors and explore career paths. It also provides insights into who they are as individuals.

Findings from psychologist D’Achiardi-Ressler and colleagues show that 61% of Focus 2 users never changed their major while 78% of non-users did change their major. Students are also more likely to earn higher grades and be more satisfied in their career.

Tim Chamberlain, Director of the Utah SBDC at Snow College, said, “An advantage of taking a personality assessment is the knowledge you learn about yourself. The more you understand about yourself and what makes you tick or what makes you happy, the better you can put yourself into situations that will benefit you the most. You will also gain confidence in yourself which in turn gives you power to become more successful in whatever you are doing.”

Having career goals increases success and motivation in students. Gaining a better sense of identity allows students to select careers that are more in line with their interests and know their strengths and weaknesses.

“When a person focuses on their weaknesses, they can learn to overcome them, but it is hard and may take a lot of effort and time,” said Chamberlin, “However, if you focus on your strengths, you can quickly excel at them and turn them into your super power. If you want to shine and make a difference, it will take much less effort if you are naturally good at something. Building your strengths is focusing on becoming the best you.”


To take the Focus 2 assessment, visit snow.edu/careerbadger and use the access code gobadgers. For further help, see career advisors in Ephraim in the Career Center behind the Business Building or in Richfield in the Washburn Building 155.


Preparing After Applications Are Submitted

Job seekers know that employment documents need to be refined to stand out in a crowd of applicants, but not everyone prepares for what will happen after these documents are submitted. Here are a few tricks to keep in mind to follow up on your job application:

  1. Keep your phone on and answer calls from unfamiliar numbers as employers may try to call. If you cannot pick up the call, have a professional voicemail set up so they can leave a message. Call back as soon as possible in a convenient place and be courteous and professional.
  2. Follow up with employers. Reaching out can help your application get a closer look. Follow up with a phone call or by writing an email or letter. Give the employer an appropriate amount of time to review your application. Contact in one to less than two weeks after your submission.
  3. Be prepared for interviews. A great way to practice is to visit the Career Center. Career advisors can set up mock interviews to give you practice. Be sure to dress in the appropriate attire and have a list of questions in mind that you would like to ask when the interview is over.
  4. A thank you letter creates an opportunity for you to reconnect with employers. It gives you the chance to develop rapport and recap the highlights of the meeting. The letter will allow you to revisit the reasons why you are the best candidate for the job and help you stick out.


For more tips or advice on your job hunt, visit the Snow College Career Center behind the Business Building in Ephraim, or in the Washburn Building room 155 in Richfield.

How to Jump Start Your Job Search During Spring Break

Make a splash in the job scene before you make a splash in the pool during your spring break. If you are still looking for an entry level job or a career after graduation, spring break gives you the time you need to get your job search rolling. Don’t wait until after graduation to try and find a summer job. Most employers will begin scrolling through applicants or offering positions before summer begins.

Figure out what you want to do

Figuring out what you want to do can be the hardest step when trying to find a career or entry-level job. Jump on opportunities when they arise and don’t be extra picky on your job choice. All jobs provide chances for you to learn and can lead to better options for you in the future.

Work on your resume

Taking the time to finish or update your resume prepares you to apply for jobs before deadlines hit. The sooner it is finished, the sooner the application process can begin. If you haven’t yet created a resume, start with a great format and the context will be more easily established.

Get connected and apply for jobs

Take the extra time to network and let others know that you are looking for a job. Connect with professors, businesses, family, and friends. More people are willing to help than you realize, and they just might have tools or connections that get you the job you want.


The Career Center is open during spring break and career advisors can assist you. Visit us in Ephraim at the Career Center building located behind the Business Building, or in Richfield’s Washburn room 155.

What do Career Advisors Do?

Trying to find a job or complete a resume on your own may be difficult if you are too stubborn to ask for help. A great option to receive such help can come from Career Advisors at the college you attend, and graduates are not excluded from this benefit. These advisors give advice and perspective on whatever part of the job search you are in. If you need assistance to find a specific job or have trouble knowing what to include in your resume or cover letter, advisors can aid with that. They also do much more by offering mock interviews to help you nail the perfect meeting with an employer, will get you in touch with employers, provide supportive resources, help to set goals, and offer further details about employment and training options. You can’t go wrong by seeking the help of Career Advisors.

For help from Snow College Career Advisors, you can sign into your Handshake account and make an appointment by clicking on ‘Career Center’ in the top right-hand corner, then on ‘Appointments’ to go through the necessary steps. Advisors can be reached at 435-283-2212 or 435-283-7648. The Career Center is in the Business Building West Portable.

Applying for Jobs Over the Holidays

The semester is ending, and the holiday break is right around the corner. Many students take a break from job hunting during this time. It can be hard to juggle between studying for finals and getting ready for the holidays. To add job searching to your list of things to do can be daunting, but if done, is very rewarding. Here are just a few reasons why you should keep your job hunt moving forward:


Employers are Hiring. Contrary to what some people think, employers are still hiring during the holiday season. Check job boards regularly to find the jobs that employers are hiring for during this busy time of year. Even a temporary job can turn into a permanent one.

Less Competition. Even though it may be hard to fit job searching into your busy holiday schedule, you may get opportunities that you would not get other times of the year because the candidate pool was more competitive. Many qualified candidates put their job hunt off to only focus on the season so the candidate pool becomes much smaller.

More Networking Opportunities. There are many social and holiday events that companies have during this time of year that you can attend. Use this time to network. Many people are willing to help you out when you connect with them, especially during the giving season.

To kick your holiday job search into gear, use your Snow College job seeker account. It is waiting for you at www.snow.edu/handshake to activate with by using your Snow College username and campus password.


For further inquiries visit us in Ephraim in the Business Building 110/111 or in Richfield in the Washburn Building 155.

Balancing School & Work

            After a long day of classes and homework, it is understandable that all you want to do is relax and watch a little Netflix. With school, friends, and activities all demanding your attention, it is difficult to balance and prioritize everything you need to do, especially when you have a job on top of everything else. We have some tips that can help you get everything done and still have time to watch your favorite show.


  1. Create a study workplace. Having a designated spot to get your work done helps keep you from distractions and remain productive.
  2. Organize your priorities. Organizing and writing down tasks starting with your highest priorities will help you to know what to tackle first.
  3. Become a master of your time. Be purposeful in how you choose to spend your time. Try avoiding procrastination at all costs by getting tasks done right away.
  4. Communicate. Be open and communicate with your managers and professors to make sure you are all on the same page. Most of the time, they will want to help you when you are feeling overwhelmed.
  5. Ask for help. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you are struggling. You will learn more when you swallow your pride and just ask for help.
  6. Trust in your abilities. If you tell yourself that you can’t balance everything on your plate, then you won’t. When you believe that you can balance that plate, you will figure out a way to do it.
  7. Celebrate your small wins. Celebrating small wins will eventually lead to a big win. If you are only focused on the monumental accomplishment, you might feel overwhelmed and want to give up.
  8. Take care of yourself. Even though you have a million things to do, you need to sleep. Don’t wear yourself so thin that you physically and mentally cannot finish tasks the proper way. Don’t be afraid to take breaks throughout your busy schedule to re-energize.

Career Badger Powered by Handshake

Linking students to thousands of new employers, Career Badger Powered by Handshake is the new way to apply for on campus jobs, local jobs, and other jobs all over the country. A job seeker account is waiting for you. Click on the unique link in your email invitation that was sent out on Halloween to connect with this new service.

If you would prefer not to sign on using your email, a single-sign on is available for all students. In just four easy steps, you can be on your way to starting your job hunt.

  1. Login to snow.joinhandshake.com
  2. Click ‘Handshake Login’ and login
  3. Complete your profile to personalize your job feed
  4. Start searching for your future career!

You can contact Career Services with any questions or concerns.

Ephraim Campus:

Business Building 110/111



Richfield Campus:

Washburn Building 155